2013-currently still flighting (Produced : e-book, colouring book, fact sheet, educator questionnaire)


To encourage electricity awareness at an early age, Eskom & Creatrix has created an educational resource that induces behaviour change for ECD children, aged 3-7. Ruby and the Powerpals is a four-chapter picture book and audio set featuring a sweet little girl who learns about ways to save electricity by engaging with animated appliances in her home. Kids aged 3-7 learn the basic facts of electricity awareness in an entertaining and retentive story format in picture, story and sound.


Each story takes place in different situations that affect Ruby’s awareness and behaviour as she uses her imagination and intelligence to absorb the messages. Framed within Ruby’s experience, each story carries a catchy song into which the learning outcomes are embedded. Listening and the heard word have been shown to amplify and escalate message retention


The audio visual book is also targeted at caregivers, parents and teachers who will read aloud to children to expand their literacy and comprehension. By introducing this book as bedtime stories, classroom reading and stories for first readers, electricity awareness can be embedded at an age early enough to make behavioural change a consistent and important part of their lives.


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